Breathe in the moment

As I write this I'm finishing my tenth day of isolation for Covid. I'm still somewhat in disbelief that I tested positive, I mean I did get vaccinated back in March. It's a cruel irony after being so careful for over a year, wearing a mask everywhere, and obsessively hand washing and sanitizing. I was lulled into a false sense of security and apparently started my return to normal too soon. Fortunately the effects have been mild so I guess the J&J is doing the job of keeping me out of the hospital, which I'm grateful for! Finding some positivity, it has inspired me to get this website going!

I chose breathe in the moment as the title to this post because not only is it the title of one of my songs, but it has also become the theme I strive to live by. As I get closer to my 60th birthday the temptation to look backward with regret and forward with trepidation presents a daily challenge to stay in the moment. I really do have a great life and I'm so grateful for all I have! I have a wonderful, beautiful life partner that completes me and I love spending every day with her. My children are healthy and happy and have things they are passionate about. I'm healthy enough and have the time to still be able to do all the things I love!

When I began my journey of writing and singing songs I really didn't think too much about where it would lead, I was just thrilled to be learning how to turn my words into songs. As I and learned and had opportunities to perform my songs for people I grew to love that part as well. It's very rewarding to be able to connect with people through music. As I built a repertoire of original songs I naturally gravitated toward wanting to record. I know that recording has never been more accessible and there are so many tools available but my main challenge is that I'm not very tech savvy. I have been slowly learning how to self record, and I have also been working with a studio and looking at recording in September. I'm working toward doing 2 albums, one self recorded with just my guitar and vocals, the other will have a full band behind me. 

I will keep posting here as I make progress toward my recording goals. Remember to breathe in the moment!


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